These 15 mighty independent medical spas in Denver can rejuvenate your spirit just in time for spring

by Carrie Bradon | Mar. 26, 2018, 7:52am |

While they can be pricey, sometimes you just need to treat yourself to a spa day.

Taking care of your body is no easy task; from feeding yourself nourishing foods, to making sure that you are staying active every day and getting enough hours of sleep to operate optimally, it can be difficult to make sure that you are truly at your healthiest. Because we live in a day and age where we are constantly busy and constantly trying to accomplish myriad tasks, having professionals who can assist in various areas is vital. So why not reach out to a medical spa for your health and well-being?

Medical spas are often known for their skin treatments and other services which help to nourish your skin and feed your soul, and while they can be pricey, sometimes you just need to treat yourself to a break from the rush of everyday life. 

If you're in the market for a medical spa or have been wanting to try one out, here are 15 mighty independent ones in Denver. 

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Olive Tree Medical Spa

2149 S. Holly St., Denver, CO 80222
(720) 394-4417
Olive Tree Medical Spa is one of the best in Denver.

Cherry Medical Aesthetics

1111 Broadway, Denver, CO 80203
(720) 479-8793
You'll love how professional the team is and how noticeable the results are at Cherry Medical.

Vitahl Medical Aesthetics

251 Steele St., Denver, CO 80206
(303) 388-7380
From body contouring to laser hair removal, this medical spa offers an array of treatments.

Sesen Skin Body Wellness

1735 E. 17th Ave., Denver, CO 80218
(303) 222-7546
Facials are what Sesen specializes in, but you can also get eyelash treatments and more.

Restor Medical Spa

2372 Central Park Blvd., Denver, CO 80238
(720) 524-8429
This medical spa is run by a professional, so you can rest easy knowing you're in good hands.

La Fontaine Aesthetics

2774 E. Second Ave., Denver, CO 80206
(303) 355-4772
Very professional and kind, La Fontaine even offers a free consultation.

The Skin and Laser Boutique

1776 S. Jackson St., Denver, CO 80210
(303) 547-0671
The name says it all, and customers love the great value you receive at this spa.

Jack Zamora

36 Steele St., Denver, CO 80206
(303) 780-7377
Zamora's team will give you the results that you're looking for within a price range that is competitive.

Rejuv Skin Spa

496 S. Vine St., Denver, CO 80209
(720) 334-3477
Rejuv Skin Spa is great for laser hair removal, basic or intense skin care and more.

Mad Peaches Med Spa

75 S. Madison St., Denver, CO 80209
(303) 848-3351
Past customers rave about the results they receive after coming to Mad Peaches.

Audace Medical Spa

7150 E. Hampden Ave., Denver, CO 80224
(720) 536-4394
Highly informative and not too expensive, Audace is a nice blend of expertise and value.

ReDerm MD Medical Spa

3900 E. Mexico Ave., Denver, CO 80210
(720) 550-6476
Everything from spa facials, peels and laser treatment can be found at this medical spa.

Skincare 5280

2435 W. 44th Ave., Denver, CO 80211
(303) 330-7200
5280's approach to medical spa use is expert and you'll love how you feel when you walk out.

Adore Aesthetix
1221 S. Clarkson St., Denver, CO 80210
(303) 513-0196

Pricey, but worth every penny, Adore brings you the best care available, so that you can look and feel your best.

Ageless Aesthetics Medical Spa

3150 E. Third Ave., Denver, CO 80206
(303) 320-1515
If you're looking for a medical spa with the best technology but minimal snootiness, Ageless Aesthetics is for you.

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