Where's the beef? Here are 15 mighty independent burger restaurants you'll love

by Carrie Bradon | Jan. 21, 2018, 11:30pm |

In 2014, Americans consumed approximately 9 billion hamburgers.

Among the most popular foods in America is the hamburger. Dating back to the 1800s, when sailors discovered the Hamburg Steak, it was adapted by German immigrants to America found that the hamburger was an affordable option for all classes of people, as the meat was not always of the highest quality.

Today, Americans love hamburgers a lot. In fact, in 2014, Americans consumed approximately 9 billion hamburgers and with the introduction of specialty burger restaurants that boast options such a bison meat, bleu cheese topped patties and caramelized onions, these numbers are staying steady. 

Whether you're watching a game, or just socializing with friends over a cold beer, here are 15 mighty independent burger joints in Denver worth tasting.

What makes an independent business "mighty"? Click here to find out more.

Hopdoddy Burger Bar

1747 Wynkoop St., Denver, CO 80202
(303) 446-2337
Hoppdoddy's burgers are hefty and filled with quality ingredients.

5280 Burger Bar-Denver

500 16th St., Suite 160, Denver, CO 80202
(303) 825-1020
5280's offerings are delicious . . . just ask the regulars!

Bad Daddy's Burger Bar

240 Milwaukee St., Denver, CO 80206
(303) 377-3032
Bad Daddy's is a great spot to savor a cocktail or a burger.

The Cherry Cricket 

2641 E. Second Ave., Denver, CO 80206
(303) 322-7666
The Cherry Cricket's relaxed feel goes perfectly with their comfort food and yummy burgers.

Park Burger- Highlands

2643 W. 32nd Ave., Denver, CO 80211
(303) 862-8461
Park Burger likes to incorporate specialty ingredients into their dishes, such as mushrooms on their burgers and truffle oil onto their fries.

Illegal Burger

609 Grant St., Denver, CO 80203
(303) 831-1300
Illegal Burger's fun theme goes well with its wonderful burgers.

T&R Burgers 

10101 E. Hampden Ave., Denver, CO 80231
(720) 379-6133
T&R will have you wanting more, and generous add-on options are often included at no extra charge.

Highland Tap and Burger

2219 W. 32nd Ave., Denver, CO 80211
(720) 287-4493
Tap and Burger is the perfect spot if you're looking for a beer and burger.

Park Burger-Rino

2615 Walnut St., Denver, CO 80205
(720) 381-0126
A fun vibe and delicious items are a great combination for a relaxing evening or casual date night.

Larkburger Denver - Downtown

1617 California St., Denver, CO 80202
(720) 250-0533
Larkburger's sandwiches are bursting with flavor as well as fresh ingredients.

Park & Co.

439 E. 17th Ave., Denver, CO 80203
(720) 328-6732
Park & Co.'s options are all delicious, whether you're going for a milkshake, appetizer or burger.

Big Smoke Burger- Denver

652 S. Colorado Blvd., Denver, CO 80246
(303) 756-3145
Big Smoke Burger is not just a name ... these burgers are massive.

The 49th

4550 S. Kipling St., Denver, CO 80127
(720) 255-2021
The 49th is a wonderful option for burgers, fish and chips, you name it.


4000 Tennyson St., Denver, CO 80212
(303) 862-9394
Royal will have you eating like a king, thanks to a great combination of ingredients.

My Brother's Bar

2376 15th St., Denver, CO 80202
(303) 455-9991
If you'd like to try a bison burger, this is a great choice!

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