Alternative paths to health: 15 mighty medical practitioners help heal Southeast Denver

by Carrie Bradon | Dec. 1, 2017, 3:42am |

Natural Care specializes in Chinese medicine and acupuncture.

Naturopathic, homeopathic and other holistic approaches to medicine are becoming more mainstream as more consumers look to alternatives beyond traditional pharmacopeia — and Southeast Denver is no exception.

Modalities including chiropractic, acupuncture and physical therapy are gaining traction (no pun intended) for those seeking alternative ways to resolve physical ailments; whether to avoid invasive procedures, cope with demanding sports regimens, or just work out some temporary kinks.

Some consumers swear by certain holistic disciplines to take care of skin problems, eliminate toxins, and/or to facilitate weight loss. Southeast Denver also provides practitioners and instructors in yoga, meditation, massage, herbal medicine and more.

Our mighty practitioners all share the outlook of promoting wellness, a term increasingly significant as consumers consider non-Western ways of viewing their health. And the concept of sustainability is no stranger to these professionals; one clinic — Thriveology — was even built using recycled materials. Check out these 15 mighty local alternative and holistic practitioners for options!

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Vitality Natural Medicine 

21 S. Madison St., Denver, CO 80209
(720) 310-0797
Vitality Natural Medicine is expert when it comes to providing naturopathic and holistic care and may even find their ailments healed.

Fred Grover Jr. M.D.

3400 E. Bayaud Ave., Denver, CO 80209
(303) 355-2385
Fred Grover Jr. M.D. is a doctor who has looked to natural remedies rather than simply to modern medications. His family practice has created many happy regulars out of ordinary customers.

VIP Holistic Services

6795 E. Tennessee Ave., Denver, CO 80224
(720) 295-8477
VIP Holistic Services offers top-notch naturopathic and holistic health solutions for all customers.

Acacia Whole Health

4155 E. Jewell Ave., Denver, CO 80222
(303) 504-0772
Acacia Whole Health has been providing naturopathic and holistic healthcare to the Southeast Denver area, where happy customers will continue to return.

Carrie Louise Daenell N.D.

255 Detroit St., Denver, CO 80206
(303) 399-8050
Carrie Louise Daenell N.D. offers Cherry Creek residents the care they deserve without conventional health treatments, rather she looks to holistic medication to treat all types of issues.


7120 E. Hampden Ave., Denver, CO 80224
(303) 636-0000
Thriveology offers the whole suit of whole body care, from acupuncture to physical therapy and chiropractic health care.

True Health Acupuncture

1040 S. Gaylord St., Denver, CO 80209
(303) 923-8356
True Health Acupuncture believes in the power of touch to bring healing to all sorts of health issues.

Alternative Chiropractic Center

1805 S. Bellaire St., Denver, CO 80222
(303) 504-3600
Alternative Chiropractic Center knows that having your body aligned is one of the most important aspects to feeling well, which is why they employ only the best.


2 Steele St., Denver, CO 80206
(720) 361-8080
AgeWellMD-Denver solves its patients ailments through naturopathy and holistic health care.

Unpeel PC

300 S. Jackson St., Denver, CO 80206
(303) 619-4377
Unpeel PC offers health care from skin and weight loss specialties to naturopathy and holistic health help.

Reinhardt Chiropractic

3915 E. Exposition Ave., Denver, CO 80209
(303) 955-4609
Reinhardt Chiropractic knows just how to fix physical issues without invasive procedures, thanks to their team of chiropractors, acupuncturists and sports medicine specialists.

Natural Care Acupuncture and Holistic Medicine

1777 S. Bellaire St., Denver, CO 80222
(303) 909-1998
Natural Care Acupuncture and Holistic Medicine specializes in Chinese medicine and acupuncture. They have received many high praises from past customers.

New Vibes-Health & Acupuncture

455 S. Hudson St., Denver, CO 80246
(720) 722-3016
New Vibes – Health & Acupuncture embraces the health that can be found in acupuncture, yoga and holistic medicine.

Pin & Tonic 

1100 E. Evans Ave., Denver, CO 80210
(303) 733-3317
Pin & Tonic relies on healing through acupuncture expertise.

Breakthrough Family Wellness

5002B E. Hampden Ave., Denver, CO 80222
(720) 310-8525
Breakthrough Family Wellness is ready to help the whole family to wellness through the use of holistic medicine.

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